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Originally Posted by MDawson View Post
Ah, the day of the software engineer is now at front of the R/C line. Years ago, it was the guy with connections, then it was mechanical engineer that could build the best mousetrap, then it was the deep pocketed manf. buying A-list talent and now if the guy can write code - he is a threat to competition.

Grabbing at the wrong straws guys. Venture to say software controlled devices - including chargers and ESC's have long been the black art of R/C and possibly only practiced by the folks that build the hardware. Guess what, now people are building electronics for R/C with social engineering - just read the blogs. What was once only known by a few can now be done by anyone that can compile code or buy the right parts.

I dont think go run mod is the answer. Surely there are 'unobtainium' software releases and there will always be. It is the privilege of those that spend the dollars to R&D products that eventually becomes something we might be able to buy.

Years ago it was only the fast guys that could get horsepower - now you can buy great packs and more reliable power. Years ago, only the factory guys could get trick parts - now you can get great aftermarket hop-ups for almost any chassis.

IIC was a great race. I am not about to blame my lack of showing on not having what the guy next to me had. Blame is not enough practice, lack of execution and just drove it out of the back door. And perhaps the late night before

It was a great race and would not want to take away from the guys that executed well and consistently. Blackstock - you are the man. Glad to see it come back together.
I remember quite a few times that some special tire, chassis, battery, or whatever was out of my reach but I'm glad to say atleast in 12th mod most competitive kits, tires, batteries and motors are available to decent drivers to have a chance to do good without "special/secret" stuff...lol

I guess the present "wars" are mostly in the stock/spec class

Originally Posted by Marcos.J View Post
That's pretty pathetic that they will go to that extreme to cheat in a spec class, just pathetic
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