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Originally Posted by nerdling View Post
Hi Guys,

discussions after racing about Mini Tyres. It seems the general feeling is that the 'offroad' style tyres are not really in the spirit of the class.

The guys suggested that for the remainder of this season the more competitive drivers in the class subscribe to a 'Gentlemen's agreement' to not run these tyres (everyone else can still use them), then, at the begining of the next series we restrict tyres to Tamiya 60D tyres only.


Agree. If the 'competitive' drivers agree, then great. If not, applying the rule at the end of the current season would be fine. Would the restriction to Tamiya tyres only be too restrictive. Would "a realistic road tread pattern" suffice, or have measurements similar to other classes: Max total car width, tyre diameter, tyre width, etc...

Originally Posted by kingpops View Post
Given the small numbers at indoor do you really think that you can be adding more restrictive rules? As 90% of the tuning on the mini is tyres it will be difficult for some to continue if the cars are pigs dur to traction issues...

Dealing with the poor turnout is more of an issue the club needs to manage before it further restricts classes due to parity issues-be they real or imagined
I think whether the parity issues are real or imagined, the fact is, is that they are there and if they aren't resolved then you'll have even more disgruntled drivers leaving due to these issues. That is one issue - the other issue is that (I think) they look crap. Part of the mini scene is the way they look - little bubble cars that look like the real thing. Massive rally and off road tyres don't exactly fit that look. The cost factor is a third issue - Cheap Chassis, cheap motor/speedie combo, turn up and race. If you have to have 30 different sets of rubber to be competitive depending on prevailing wehather conditions, track conditions, size layout, etc, then that will also turn people away.

I don't think enforcing this tyre rule would turn anybody away. I believe there was only one or two drivers using them last night anyway, and one of them went back to other tyres after one heat anyway.
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