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I couldn't agree more, there is no problem with used cars at all because the price can be just right. Do some research and see what parts are supported and then go for it used. I have been away from RC racing for a long time and even managed a few hobby shops in the past and you can score huge going used. I just picked up a Losi 8ight 2.0 on eBay for $200, everything included except the radio and the car is in great shape. When you get the car pull it apart and rebuild the diffs and shocks... Then take the money you saved and get a great radio that you can grow with. All said and done you can spend about $400 bucks and have a car that you can race or just run at the local track. The nice thing about the Losi is the RTR is almost bulletproof when cared for and can be had for a song. Plus it's easy to find parts for. Even if money is no object I would still choose a Losi and tear it apart just so you know how to put it back together again. Good luck!
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