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Originally Posted by Cerijonston View Post
Now you all are confusing me. A read house what the? and no it's not because I'm blonde. I'm blonde by choice


I know Ceri it really doesn't take much to confuse you. Kidding!

**So hey snoop and mxrich** congrats on the new track then for indoor. I bet everyone is going bonkers there. The karts will feel at home Im certain on that size. The size sounds like a decent one for the stockers to! That will be a big help in getting some new rc kartiers in your area. By the way, you now have two more stock karts heading up that way. So you guys alone now have, mxrich, snoopy, dex, bmr, chadracing, dale ? not sure if he's on here or not and another guy named Alan. I think theres a couple more in the TN area that Im forgetting who has been to your track or raced with you guys there to. Thats six by themselves not counting any outsiders like myself and fellow league racers that already exist. And you know I'll be up alot!

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