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Originally Posted by Dragonfire View Post
For those who don't kind a bit of.wrk you may be jnterested to know that the exceed light weight internals rorba 733 diff can be made to fit into a 411 diff. I forgot to weigh it before I began but with light weight internals and 1200 oil the diff weighs in at 22g. A new diff in the packet plus the extra shaft and 2 bevels (without oil) weighs in at 32g. It takes a bit of work to the out drives and mounting the main diff housing side main gear but when you get it together it feels better than the steel gears. I don't think the gears are a perfect fit so I think I need to do.some.more work on shimming but it does.go together.

Keep in mind that this gearset is not cheap for a few.plastic parts and alloy shafts.
Many Thanks Dragon,

Isn't the 733 Big bevel gears are using pin instead of Hex shape to lock on the outdrive?

Do you have the part no?
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