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Default Official Mugen Mbx-6 / 6T Setup Forum

Hey guys

Well as the title states, i thought i would start a thread for Mbx6 or 6T with relation to set ups, tips, etc.

Here you can post your personal thoughts on how you setup your mugen. Just as a thread where people can jump on and look though to find a bit of help, or to share info.

If you would like to post setup sheets, etc on here please feel free. Although, if your just typing it up, be sure to include as much info as possibe, eg; Track size, surface, track type, tyre type, things like that.

Ive made this thread so to allow people to get a quick answer if they're having some difficulty with relations to how to setup their car, just by flicking though this thread.

I would start off by posting a setup sheet for my local track, but the teacher has my USB lol.

Thanks guys

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