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Originally posted by uDi_MP7.5
Nope I havent owned a K3 but I have messed around with a few guys ones at the track, they dont seem THAT much different. We're not talking K1-K2 sorta differences here, just some minor updates I still say.

Anyway i'm not the one to argue, just get the one that fits your bill, I cant imagine anyone not being happy with either.

Back to servo talk guys, I killed the plastic gear on my steering 9451, and later on I decided to be a f*cktard and try pulling the whole thing apart, and took the back off the coreless motor, im pretty sure i screwed something up.

So i'm just wondering, what should I get next? I can pick up another used 9451 for not to steep a pricetag, or I can order a 9350. I got a gut feeling the 9350 won't be any better than the 9451 in terms of plastic gear strippability....

It seems a bitch in this country to get the plastic gear for ANY of these damn metal geared servos, so it'd be nice to have one thats harder to strip. GRR

Its the 9350 or the KO 2344, or any other digital servo. JR? Someone said they didn't last long though. Jesus I hate servos!!!
Some people never have any luck with them. I on the other hand have rarely had problems. I've still got acoms servos floating around in my son's cars from the 80's I obviously have servo voodoo

One of My hitec digital 5945's is still doing crazy stuff in a highly modified Savage SS. The steering has been modified too, with a much firmer servo saver, even so the 5945 hauls those Massive tyres around like they're not even there. No stripping, no blown amps or anything. All the while, servo's have been breaking left right and centre at my club - mainly analogue types Futaba and Hitec. Personally I reckon the triple is taking it's toll...........

Looks like you'll have to import some spare gear-sets with your next servo - just incase.
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