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Default Interesting...

I'd like an interpretation behind the concept of the new design. Seems like 1bad has to get past conventional theory of 2 strokes and the new design could be revolutionary, if true.

Either way its a nice pet project. Critics always said the moon was too far and too expensive to get to, but was eventually accomplished.

The only way to shut up a critic is prove'm wrong.

Nice thread though, lots of interesting info.

Good luck on building it, but let this be a lesson to others. If you are going to announce a new product, wait until you are ready for full exposure.

Because you can't really ask for input from an open board, if there's nothing (pictures/designs/concept) people can reply to, other than a played out idea.

If not, sit on it until its patent protected and announce after you receive a patent. So no one can copy you.

I am interested in something like this purely from curiosity if its possible. This question has been around for many years. One of these days someones gotta hit it.
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