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Originally Posted by mwitham87 View Post
That's awesome so now I'm not that nervous about this.....I found the tires website but you can only buy them from them through an email so I'm hoping that the event has them like I said.......and to my previous question about tires I'm just gonna run rubber seems that's what they are already running.........and I was thinking about a 2s 5000 mah 60 + c battery is that just right or too much?..... You guys have been way more help then offroad guys have ever been
#1.... Glad you are not so nervous...
#2.... Like CarbonJoe (or someone... lol) yes, the Local Track usually stocks a decent selection of tires ... "especially" the ones they "require" you to run for certain classes.
#3.... It is just the deal, you have to run what the Local Track requires, and they usually have a Very good reason for doing what they are doing.
#4.... 2s 5000 Mah, 60C... is excellent... should work Very Well. Do... check and search some of the "reputable" online information about battery
treatment. Treat them right, no matter what manufacturer, they should give you your money's-worth...

As for being helpful... .. ... Just trying to help. Ask me anytime, and I am sure any of the On-Road guys would say the same.

If you have been treated differently by the Off-Road crowd where you race, the only thing I can say, is.... it is just the crowd.

Where I race, I also race Off-Road, and the guys I have met, are Just As Helpful as any others.

Take Care, and PM me anytime, and if you ever get to the Mid-West...
Look me up.
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