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Originally Posted by sczrface85 View Post
I have a ? And you guys are very knowledgable and are a great help I think I'm going to run in door on carpet for the first time I have a tc5 what do you guys put on your tire for traction for carpet. Thanks
It's really up to what is accepted at your local track. It seems that (in the US) most carpet tracks have settled on one of the following:

1) Corally "Jack the Gripper"
2) Trinity "Sticky Fingers"
3) SXT 3.0
4) Niftech

Other tracks still allow Paragon Ground Effects, but most have banned it due to the overpowering Wintergreen smell that lingers seemingly forever.

Also, it's not a good idea to mix traction compound brands on the same carpet. Some are OK, others make traction inconsistent.
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