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Originally posted by KINGZJ
UDi I am not trying to start anything but without owning a K3 you simply do not know the differences. Their are several major differences that you seem to leave out. The K2 and K3 are different in several aspects, enough to be worthy of a new name tag. If you ever build a K3 you will see what I am talking about if you simply open your eye's.
Hehehe, oh BTW UDi I'm not starting anything, but you're blind as a bat!!

You guys

Clearly the K3 has numerous changes, I reckon UDi was just saying that buck for buck, you'ld end up with a great deal with the K2 so long as you don't mind living without the K3's revisions. He wasn't saying the K2 is better.

Driving both cars is the best way to decide which one to go for - building both, however, that would be quite difficult to do without actually owning both types! As it turns out, I think we have a winner now anyway - PTP is going for a K3.
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