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Originally Posted by djs101 View Post
I purchased a set of Goose Bumps a couple weeks back and went to the track to do some testing yesterday. Ran my usually setup and tires to get a base line to work from, put on the Goose bumps and back out to get results on handling. After the first battery made a shock adjustment but didn't notice any problems with the tires (didn't expect any so I admitt I didn't do an inspection). Second battery in and now making full throttle runs and working on faster laps. About half way through the battery I come down the front straight and hear this awful noise coming from my truck. Some one yells "you're blowing the tire off the rim". Upon inspection the photo shows what I found on one of the tires. A second tire had came loose from the rim and upon inspection I found it had glue in only 1 spot about 1/4" long on the outside, inside seemed to be glued around the entire rim. I don't understand how this got through quality, nor do I understand why the tire's rubber appears to be breaking apart. Can someone please explain this to me? Is this what I can expect when I buy these tires?
what type or brand of glue??? seems like the glue might be the issue and not the rubber....
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