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Originally Posted by Dasmopar View Post
How many racers are you really talking about? We have 120 people coming to the GLC next week. 120 people at a race in the 80's would have been the worlds or something. As for Clubs, property has become harder to come by. With the boom in law suits from the 80's and 90's everyone is scared to let anyone use their property for anything now. With less available sites to pick from one local club that has a permanent track draws the serious racers (the guys willing to spend 60 bucks in gas) to that track for the reasons listed above. Now the few guys left in that one club with a portable track have no one to help them set up and tear down and it becomes more work than fun. Now we have a good group of die hards gathering at the same place and racing which in turn makes everyone try harder and get faster.

As for Manufacturers we are not talking about cars from the 80's anymore. These are very sophisticated luxury cars these days. If you have a lathe and a mill in your shop your still not even close to being able to build a car that compares to the modern 1:8 scale car not to mention the cost. Back in the old days a guy like Ned could design, build and compete with his very own car because the cars where so basic so all the little guys got pushed out as the manufacturing became so sophisticated. With that said if you wanted to go 1:8 scale racing you could pick from
Plus others and none of them are a bad car.

I guess my point is we are in the golden era of rc racing right this second. Look around and enjoy it because these are they days we will look back on and say man we really had it figured it then!
II-While it is true that a few bigger races have higher racer turnouts than we did in the early days (80 would probably have been a big MWS race-if I remember correctlly). I believe there were many more clubs running 10 to 20 guys all around the country. Detroit, Cleveland, Akron, Dayton, Indy, Columbus, Chicago, are just the ones in our area that had viable clubs. Ask anyone involved in any sport and they will likely tell you the participation at the local level is the backbone of it, from Soccer to Nascar.

"one local club that has a permanent track draws the serious racers" You are probably correct, but again, the "serious" racers are and have always been in the minority, maybe not "Serious Racer Wannabes" but guys that have half a chance at winning even at the club level. How many different winners in the Club? The MWS? What if everbody that has not won in two years quit? How "Serious" are they if they never win????????????????? I think they may be less serious and more interested in having fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"which in turn makes everyone try harder and get faster." ANy chance some quit because they cannot compete at the top level and/or go over to another hobby? Also you told me you were worried about the future of the club and 1/8 scale rc racing because you were one of the youngest drivers involved!

So you are saying it's better to have more sophisticated cars that racers can't build is better? I think Joe, Matt, me, and probably Rick would agree that one part if the hobby we enjoy is making something different. That's at least part of the interest in the Pan Class.

These may be the Golden Days of RC but I fear some of the classes may have peaked in interest and participation and be heading for extinction. I think most indications are that 1/8th Scale is a class of really fast serious racers, die hards, wannabes, and old farts

(I agree with your Dad, you have a great recollection of what racing was like! Only thing is - we didn't know any better! We wanted to play with RC Cars and that was what had to be done! And it was FUN!! )

Have fun this weekend, good racing!

P.S. Boat test schedule for this weekend...the Bass better watch out (can you catch 'em this time of year?)

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