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Default Re: KHM performance

Originally posted by jasoncsc
I personally don't have a KHM, but one of my friends has one KHM Evo5. Its is so fast that amongst our A-Main guys even they all have the fastest engines available they feel that the KHM is even faster than their engines. However, the downside of that engine is that it gobbles fuel like crazy, so my friend said in the race the advantage of the speed of the KHM is badly handicapped because he need to pit in more frequently than others for fuel. He even changed the fuel nipple on the carb to 0.7mm (From the origianl 0.9mm) and fuel consumption just improve a little bit.

In addition, the KHM only have ceramic bearing on the big crankshaft bearing, not the small one, and the KHM ceramic bearing does not comes with full ceramic balls but a hybrid with 6 ceramic balls and 3 steel ones.
I saw one of my friend who had KHM and run in the A Main ..The engine is extremely fast but fuel consumption not that good.
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