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Ran the CH again today. And it was vastly improved. Final set up:

Front: Magenta @ 42.5mm 1/4 paragon
.020 AE springs
5' Blocks, Full caster (2 spacers back) 1.5' camber
0' toe in 5mm clearance

Center:50wt oil gold spring 1.2 CF flex plates soft #5 shurlube in tubes
5mm clearance

Rear: Yellow tires @ 45.5mm full Paragon light coat
58.3mm roll out
4.5mm clearance

TQ, 2ND in A main (lost by 9 seconds). Didn't try pinks, no one runs pinks, not enough grip. And since I was a bit short on time, I went with yellows which I knew would work if the rest of the car was right. Still have potential to tap, but generally very pleased. Thanks everyone.
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