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Originally posted by jwf-ronni
Hi speedy100,

I actually found that it revs up quicker having the Ceramics
in the motor. And because of that, it gave out a more responsive
power output. I find it worth having them in the motor.

We did find out though, that there are "good ceramic balls" and
the "not so good ones". I suggest knowing the source you are
getting your bearings from. Because in as much as I was very
satisfied with having them in the motor, I have seen some
Ceramic Bearings where the balls broke down and therefore
that was the end of that motor. And it only takes one of the balls
to do a devastating thing like that.
Hi Ron,

many thanks for your comment. the only available source here is Squat from a japanese rc work shop. they do a lot ceramic bearing and the engine bearing but i do not know whether they are good or not. Where your source from to get the bearing ? the one i get from squat should be around $80 us, the one to hold the crank shaft inside the crankcase.

if my understanding is correct, the KMH EVO5 also comes with the ceramic bearing in the box.....thanks
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