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OK, last week one of our guys got an idea (always dangerous) and changed our track layout. Though I like the new layout, we are running on carpet with no line and it's extremely slippery. I tried a few things and got the car a bit better, but I'm in need of much much more rear grip. Current set up:

Copperhead 12 with 12R5 front.
Front track 170mm
springs AE ,020 .020 droop
Green Shurlube on kingpins
10' caster blocks with both shims back
42mm Jaco Lilac Jack about 1/4
0' toe in, 4.5mm clearance

50wt oil w/ gold spring
Blue Shurlube on tubes
4mm clearance
1.2 CF flex links set long

Rear track 172mm
Clearance 4.5mm
44mm Jaco Orange full Paragon
1mm droop
Trinity Nemesis 13,5 boosted rollout 60.5mm.

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