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Originally Posted by aaron2u View Post
I would love to hear HPI's version of the story. To be able to actually read it in print... from HPI on HOW they were copied in the first place, what they have done to try to protect their designs, or whatever. It wouldn't surprise me to find out they are importing from the same suppliers since it's harder to track what is produced in China.

The smaller USA companies getting their designs copied pisses me off more than KM and Rovan vs. HPI. Without our popular selection of brands of baja parts, all of our enjoyment of the Baja platform would truly suffer! Imagine having to run stock tires forever, or not having Tripp or Woodster around making durable bodies... No R&D going into twin engines, or cages, or pipes, etc.... I have a couple Integy parts on my rig, but only because I'm too broke to replace them with better. One is a direct rip-off of Turtle's clutch even.

I will say this though... I gave up on clones, since I have what some would say "The Corvette Mentallity," blah blah blah. But I really feel HPI doesn't give a shit about their customers, in that they continue to try to rape us of our hard earned money. Case in point, the 5SC bodies. The 5T bodies even. They are over priced, mass produced junk. Why the heck anyone would pay full price for a stock body is absolutely mind boggling. I could see creating a mold, and using some thin lexan for test runs, to be shredded, but that is where the buck should stop. If it weren't for getting a blem body from Tripp a few months back, my 5th scale days would be over!

Somebody else posted something to this affect, and it really hits home..
"Pay now, or pay later... with 5th scale, you're gonna pay!"
5th scale is the most durable scale of r/c land vehicle that I've ever worked with. As long as your not trying to land some big jumps it'll hold up pretty well.
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