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Originally Posted by serpent101 View Post
There is actually a simple solution for this complex problem.

IMO just spray the track sooo much that the sauced tires will traction roll and the only way you could drive on the track is with "un-sauced" tires.

I saw - even in the lower finals - cars traction roll right after they sprayed the track. Strange enough it was not everybody. I think it were only the "saucers" ;-)

With a sprayed track the advantage of sauced tires will be kept to a minimal or even disapear!

It's sad to see that this kind of "cheating" is happening. and alot of racers will not attend any more just because of this. And the ones that were note cheating are oblidged to do so anyways because the competition is just not fair!

IMO 8 of 10 drivers in the final were using tire sauce. For some of them I even saw with my own eyes strange things. Like tires in plastic bags and evading the manual tire control by Sander de Graaf from the EFRA in the staging area.

Its hard too believe the stories that were told by people attending the WC 2011 but now i've seen with my own eyes.

After the race I was talking to some Italians, in their competitiions its legal to use the sauce and even some drivers take an oven to the track to dry their sauced tires even quicker. It's unbelievable

Yeah here in Italy tire compounds (sauce) are legal since the month after the WC in Miami. And at the track you see many tipes of sauces, oven and electric blanket for tires like one used in the electric competition and in Formula1... Personally I donět like it! And I think the only way to limit the use of the sauce is to put it on the track before the race.

In Italy we did all for stopping the sauce but when someone uses a thing that is not catchable ...
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