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Originally Posted by ibmenace View Post
No the seller was not new at all and has been around a while. That's what made me second guess it. And as far as the last comment. Not everyone has a printer and not everyone know fully how to print and or setup a label nor does everyone have a scale. I think that saying there is absolutely no reason for waiting on transfer is a little wrong in pretaining to your reasoning. And when dropping it off at the shipper you still have to pat there. And again not everyone has a paypal card. And take into mind that in some cases a person on unemployment and dead broke, this being the reason for things such as [ huge rc sellouts ] and such. So there is going to be a great chance they will not have the $30.00 needed to ship the buggy,start box,tx/rx and 10 sets of tires that you just made a offer on. Anyway... i myself have allowed seller's to ship after they got they're cash in hand to pay for shipping no questions asked, sure ship it the first chance you get and we cool. And after i make a purchase all i say is forward tracking# when you get it shipped. Of all my deals i think one of them the seller shipped the next day. I will give up to 5 days before i pm to ask, hey did you get that shipped? I have never asked anyone to ship first thing the next day nor have i made any negative feedback for anyone even if it took up to 2 weeks or to receive my purchase. If a buyer asks if i can be sure to ship it the following day of the sale then of course i will.
i realize that not everyone has a printer, etc but most people live in areas that have public libraries or schools or work where they can print a label. all you have to do is use a scale that most people have to weigh themselves on. i agree that there are times where it's just not possible for them to do it, but i don't think people realize how easy it is to print your own label and schedule a pickup. they could do it without having to transfer to their bank account or even leaving the house!
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