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But in reality these are the things I have seen done. Some are more important for a long main when mud buildup gets worse and worse.
  • Use small pin tires, no big lugs. Our tires don’t spin fast enough to “clean out” like on real trucks.
  • I have seen rain tires made with no foam in them so they balloon up and throw the mud off, again small pin tires.
  • Duct Tape flaps over the flywheel hole and spur gear hole covered. The flap for the flywheel is made so the sticky side is folded over. When starting the pit guy folds the flap forward and then it naturally flaps back to cover the hole.
  • If it is a really long main use a second old body over your main body, at about the 1/2 way point the pit guy will tear off the outer shell. Duct tape the first inner body to the mud guards.
  • No wing, mud just builds up on it.
  • Maybe richen the top end a couple hours. The engine is gonna be working hard pulling the extra weight around, this will keep it cool.
  • Fresh clutch and bearings. You don’t want to go out on a long main with worn out clutch and bearings. This part of the car will be getting extra hot.
  • Most servos are water resistant even though they don’t say anything about it. Especially the ones you should be using in a race car.
  • Might want to use an air filter made for rain. Usually no foam is exposed on these, it is just a plastic shell with the foam inside.
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