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Default Preparing 1/8 nitro for a muddy race

I'm attending a race this weekend. Unfortunately, the weather forecast is not too optimistic - most likely it will rain. The track is definitely not hard packed, rather loose dirt so I hope there won't be any pools.

I'm curious how do you guys prepare your buggys/truggys for muddy conditions.

1. Setup. What changes in comparison to standard setup?
- increase ride height
- IBeam/Bow-Tie type tires
- what about oils and other aspects i didn't mention?
I'm not experienced in terms of setup...

2. Engine tuning. Any differences in comparison to the 'normal' sunny day?

3. Chassis protection. What should i do to prevent any damages due to excessive amount of water/mud inside the car? For example I don't have water resistant servos, reciever. Any tips for that?
I have arm mud guards but I'm afraid it's the only protection at the moment.

Any input will be appreciated.

I've got only one day to prepare my Losi 8T1.0 so be quick!


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