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Originally Posted by ToysRUsKid View Post
Really man? Did you pay an extra $20 a day to practice at 301? I know it's not an extra $20 a day to go early for a race at BD. I raced in Kissimmee two years ago, wasn't anything extra to show up a day early. You're right, this is why onroad is dying...people trying to take advantage of the racers. We already have less people racing onroad because they lost their jobs, had their hours cut, cost of gas, etc. now we have to pay extra for practice? That's rediculous, my opinion.
Stop being cheap. The guys are working hard to keep the track going. Why not pay them for their efforts? Smh
Originally Posted by D-man View Post
You right the COST...
What does appreciation have to do with this . I should appreciat them for letting me send my money with them? Really how you sound?

You're beefing about something so small. Bet you engines cost more than the race fee. How do you think the track stay open? Credit or prayer?
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