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There is another problem here if you are melting anything on that box. What is the C rating of the Lipo you are using? I wouldn't use anything more than 20-25C on this starter box. I'm using a 5000 mah 20C 4S and have broken in 2 engines on it. There isn't the slightest sign of melting or burn anywhere. The motors do spark on initial contact but that's normal. The only modification I made was to change the tamiya plugs to deans.

If you need to start putting in relays and circuits and blah blah blah, seriously might as well just build your own box and be done with it. Or just stick to 2 * 7.2V 5000mAh nimh packs, they will do the job without the hassle.

Plenty of people have been using a 4S Lipo in this starter box for some time without melting anything or needing to install relays and circuits. Something else is wrong.
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