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Default silvercup captain gear log, racedate 6-12-04

Only one not to have thermal shut down out of 4 cars. Gearing is 90/29. Final gear ratio 8.07 motor rotations to 1 tire rotation. Air temp 75 to 60 F. Ran 33R tires w/soft pro insert strips, and 23R tires with low bounce inserts. Posable reasons for no shut down. Spent time on lid of car waiting for corner workers. Only driver to run HPI alum. motor mount plate, other racers used another custom made alum plate. Running no front bumper, might have created more air flow. Other racer also ran no front bumper and still had thermo shut down. Other possable reason might be only one running a 90 tooth sper gear might result in less gear mesh friction. Other racers ran final gear ratio's closer to 8.3 to 8.5. I also have no slop in stearing assembly, which may have deacreased tire friction. Also only one to run porsche body. Ideas to try. (1) run no foam bumper. (2) cut out more rear bumper of car to allow more air to flow. (3) cut larger wheel holes in body. (4) ---- insert your own idea here\/ \/ \/ \/
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