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Originally Posted by Molala4 View Post
is the front slip spool supposed to be locked MAX tight?
i am having the problem of inconsistent cornering and i am thinking that the spool maybe the culprit...coz i can rotate the front tires in opposite directions pretty easily.....
Make sure the slipper spool is built right. If you're coming from a TC5r those instructions did not use thrust balls between the thrust washers but the TC6 do use the thrust balls. I always found my TC5r slipper spool to work better with the thrust balls for some reason.

If your slipper spool is built right but keeps loosening up change the bolt and nut. Re-assemble with a dab of thread lock on the end of the thrust bolt and wait a bit for the thread lock to set.

When built properly it should be quite hard to get the front wheels to rotate independently and it should stay that way in a race.
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