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Angry Re: XRAY T1R diff questions

Originally posted by atlrcracer
I have completed the assembly of me new T1R kit. And I have read here in the boards to leave the diff loose for a breakin period.

Also...the manual says to tighten the diffs so that they spin freely, but should be hard to turn when holding the output drives.

To me....all of this is very vague.

How hard is "hard to turn"?

How loose is too loose?

Currently i have them, I think TOO loose, where that when the car throttles up (in the house for testing purposes), the car takes a bit to actually to get moving.

So..i guess I need to tighten them down a bit..but what is a good measurement to go by?

Thank you
I too am frustrated with the ambiguity with these instructions. I can tell you from experience that they can be too tight since I already toasted my rear diff .
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