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Originally posted by ixlr8nz
Tony, what you have said in your tuning guide is true for most touring cars, but this is not true for the Associated TC3. If you read the TC3 manual or tuning guide you will see adding caster makes the car have more turn in (as per my explaination in previous posts).
I'm sure TP will reply, but according to my tuning guide from AE,
'Add more caster (4 or 6) to decrease steering entering corners and reduce steering exiting corners'
'Use less caster (0 or 2) if you need more steering entering corners, but more steering in the middle and exiting corners'

I think the writer was confused when writing the TC3 manual.
'cuz manual says.
'0 kickup will have a more aggressive steering feeling...'
And 'increasing caster (2 or 4) will give your car more steering entering corners but less steering exiting corners.'

Remember kickup is also a part of caster. So above statements conflict in a sense.

I think the tuning guide made it clear.
I don't know why they said 'but' when they should've said 'and' in the second statement of tuning guide.
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