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Schuie: Ya, I have one. Drove it a couple times but have yet to race it. I will a lot more after the Reedy Race.

Thanks BBSpence....checking that now....fixed!!!

Jack. Quick tip for ya. You can have the car dead nuts on a tweak station but it can still be tweaked. The trick is something called Track Tweak. Set your car up however you do before you go out to run it. Now, throw it on the track. Run a couple laps to determine handling problems. Now adjust the shocks (pre-load clips or threaded tops) to correct the tweak, just as you might if you had it on the tweak station. If you take it off the track and check it, it might be off on the station but who cares if it works good on the track. There are a few variables that can throw tweak off that you can't just fix. That's where Track Tweak came from.

Give it a try...
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