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Originally posted by white
1) When you go to C&C to service your car, you will probably not get the senior mechanic working on it. You will have the junior guy who may still be undergoing training. That's why it's so slow. The GOOD mechanics have left the company and set up their own shop. That's how outside mechanics get trained!!! They were trained by the agents in the first place.

2) At least when you go to your own mechanic, you can see what he's doing. If he's bad, just find another one. At the agent, everything is hidden behind walls, all you see is the nice clean waiting room with the newspaper and TV to watch. They may be doing all kinds of wrong things to your car without you knowing it. Especially if you have a trainee working on your car.

3) Can't answer...don't understand what you're trying to say.
I understand what you are talking about...
you do have a queer way of looking at things...

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