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Originally Posted by Trevor Williams View Post
Not to be rude but man come in here talking about fanboy blah, blah, blah and yet you have more fanboy stuff in your sig/avatar and your not a team driver? Thats some pretty strong fanboy clout right thurr......just sayin holmes.....

I dont care how old a platform is If it feels good to me. Im not a rc historian, I race rc cars, if something works for me, it works, it's that simple. ST-RR is a design thats still super fast and very capable, the EVO will only be better....only problem besides the tank I ever seen with the ST-RR truck is people running WAY too much rear brake, then they chunk rear diffs, then they say the truck sucks.....well, if you would take the time to do it RIGHT the first time and learn how to properly set a bias between f/r and this truck is pure money! Best truck on the market hands down IMO, get one, set it up correctly and hit the track, you will see what Im talking about!
The picture in my avatar was the only serpent picture I could find that fit. I want the signature of the cars Im driving in my avatar so people can see it easier. Same with my signature, I just wrote what I have. Ive ordered a Losi 22 aswell so as soon as I get it Ill put it up there.
Fanboism is when you say the Serpent manuals suck and I say theyre the best on the market. (for example)

Sure it might well be the best truck on the market, though I doubt youve tried all truggies on the market in order to make such a statement.
I think we should end this debate by saying its a good truggy, shouldve been a truggy version of the MP9 but its still good.
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