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Default Airline Luggage Allowance

I generally fly QANTAS when travelling east. The budget airlines are ok for short flights, but the extra little bit from QANTAS for a 5 hour flight is worth it. Plus there baggage allowance/extra fees work out cheaper.

Luggage Guide.

Virgin - Cheap flights add $12 per flight for 23kg checked luggage. 7kg free hand luggage.

QANTAS - Ticket includes 23kg checked. 2x 7kg hand luggage allowed. thats 37kg included in your ticket, plus additional allowance depending on frequant flyer status.
Also with QANTAS you can now pre-pay for an additional checked bag which only cost $20 for a 23kg piece of luggage if paid in advance.

When I've travelled to Nationals in past I'm always hauling 14kg of hand luggage (power suppy, spare motors, practice tyres, charger, tx, lappy, etc) plus about 28kg (pit bag) of checked luggage. That was under QANTAS old system which only allowed pre-purchase of extra 5kg. Good news its changed.

All the Sporting Equipment rules changed mid-last year, but check the airlines website for the latest.

Hope that helps.

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