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Originally posted by kewdawg
I'm just picking with you. I'm not that thick. Since, Its inception, the T1 was widely known for being an exspensive touring car. Things have changed, a little, thru the years and gotten better. I'll say again, I've always liked Xray, but I believe I gave solid justifcation to go with the Pro 4. This is an opinion driven thread. That being said, anything presented which is not fact is nothing more than opinon and in the case of this thread, BIASED opinion. Some of you guys become very religious about your brand choice and start a crusade to defend it. Yes, I like hpi, among others, but I try to always be fair in my assessment of other brands. How many of you, can honestly, say the same?
Think were getting some where !

I own and run an Alex Racing Barracuda, Although i have had 2 X-ray's in the past and if it wasn't for my obsession with being different that's what i'd be racing now !

I'm the only person (along with my farther)i know running a barracuda in my area,I'm the only person using a KO speedo.

I like your point about people being "very religious about your brand choice" thats just perfect from where i'm standing
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