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Originally posted by kewdawg
Well, if you race at Hobbytown Usa West Chester, then you know I get a a lot of radio hits. You also know how fast I am - which you aren't. So, When you can go into the PVC pipe at 30 mph and come out unscathed, let me know. In fact, there are two other Xray drivers: Scooby and Tim, who drive just as fast or in Scooby's case, faster than I do and they break the same parts I've broken.

Also, I've blown by you in stock and mod, numerous times. I would be embarrassed to even post!
Are you saying I am slow????

Since when is getting 22 laps in races, and getting laps lower than 13 seconds slow???? You may have blown past me indoor, but I am not slow outdoor. I am not trying to say you are a bad driver, I am just saying the fk is stronger than the Hpi pro4.

And I also use brushless, wich is not slow.
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