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Originally Posted by J-PaP View Post
After some help on settings as well actually.

Now on my track I was initally running a 4.2 fdr (running in 21.5 boosted). Car was good in the midfield. Lacked top speed though.

For the last race meet I changed to a ratio of 5.0 since others have been running 5.2 with the same motor/esc combo but I also updated the software on the sp gt2.1 so my old settings in the end were useless. Now before I blew the esc up (see earlier in the page) I was finding the car had killer top speed but I was getting killed in the midfield.

No matter what I tried though settings wise I couldn't get the acceleration I wanted. The other guys were still running the previous software on the gt2.1.

Anybody have any advice? what settings should I play with to get more acceleration? Anybody else find the software update lacks the punch the old one had?
4.2 on 21.5 with boost is will never see the punch or low-end of this setting. It sounds like a NO TIMING setup for me...

See below JIMMY setup for need to gear up more for 21.5, I would guess mid 6 to high 6....check temp. max 10 timing on motor...may be silver purple rotor. We have about 7 drivers using his setup (after his testing) on the main and all running fast lap times afterall.
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