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Default Speed Passion combo in 10.5


Need some help, switched to Speed Passion stock 2.1 and v3 10.5 over the weekend. Ran it for the first time in the UK on a large track, started with the latest team set up on the latest software, FDR of around 6.8.

It wasn't anywhere near as quick as the GM combo, didn't have the punch or top end, moved things around to try and get it there, but didn't seem to make much difference. I didnt really move the gearing around that much as i presumed that this combo likes a high ratio.

Anyone running in the UK up against the very quick GM's and other speedos that can show me how to make this combo work. I switched back to my GM combo and took over .75 sec a lap off the lap time..

Any help would be appreciated as i want to stick with SP.


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