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Unhappy sorry were closed to the public

FTRC was built in the Wrong place we get ALL the run off of water from 2 go-kart tracks and family rec parking lot there drain pipes 3 of them go wright on to the track to fix it to the family rec standards / UP TO CODE were talking $15 grand or more we don't own just rent so thats not going to happen ME & B did our best but it takes so much $$$$ to run this place and guys WANT BIGGER & BETTER but them same guys ONLY RACE not interested in helping out they think we make ALL this money so why should they leaned a hand there racers not track owners so were done with what other tracks have to offer why race at a HALF ASS track / FTRC all we ever heard was fix this fix that this "WOULD" be a good track if you had this ALL of them fixes cost $$$$ and time but when you have never did it you haven't a clue of what your asking so when weather permits Me & B do have a GREAT practice track for Me & Him and a few friends with the AMB running so all in all its not a bad thing and we don't mind a little rock or a blow ed spot after all its Off Road and we don't mind it were about having a little fun
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