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Originally Posted by turb06le240 View Post
I went down this route already, I tryed every possible combo, 6s 1500kv/550, 3s and 2s 4.5 & 6.5 /550's, ect, the best thing to run in a 10tt for racing is 2s 540 size motors.... I did the math ran the trucks for countless pack, your better off with less weight...
2s lipo weighs like 1 lb and 4ozs less than a 6s, then the smaller esc and 540 motor saves around 13 oz's {around 3 oz esc and 10 oz motor}, so you will save over 2 lbs!!!
Now you go from a little over 4lbs to pushing almost 7lbs!!! This is HUGE, Contrary to popular belief weight hurts handling when you add 40% of it, and you need A LOT more power to move the truck!!! I timed all of the setups I installed and the 6s 550 was by far the slowest, and I have big bore shocks {that will handle the 6lbs}, and a lightened truck...
If your truck is for bashing your going to break a lot more parts too, when I had that setup I BROKE a front shock tower {carbon fiber} just testing, landed a jump and shattered it.... Plus the tt at 7lbs jumps a like a monster truck {no height, bottomed out launches, diving to a HARD landing, and some pretty horrific cartwheels}...

Anyway just my 2 cents, nice truck I like the quick release setup, I was thinking about it {I use them on all of my stadium truck rears}, but I hardley ever have to remove the tt wheels in a hurry, the stadium trucks need to be popped off every time you touch the motor, slipper, pinion, ect, the tt has that all in the center, so I decided not to add the weight...

Now as far as heat the 2s 540 is not the best choice, but my 540/6.5 ballistic never goes over 130 and my rs pro doesnt break a sweat so its not an issue. For bashing I would say 2s 4.5/550 is about the best, the heat is less, and there is a lot of torque for some crazy wheelies and powerfull takeoffs...
Thanks for your time to write this. In fact the TT will be ran with my Hyper 10sc setup

3s 4200mah hyperion EX + 550 6.5t and rs-pro

and the 6s setup is my my hyper 10sc
on which I tried 2s + 7.5t redline + rs-pro super light setup
I didnt like it..
then I went to 2s + 6.5t 550 + rs-pro... I didnt like it
made a last move to try 3s + 6.5t 550 + rs-pro I loved it

from there I found out I was in love with the less heat generated from higher voltage
I found out I was also in love with the monster torque from the 550 motors

the 2 together made me want to try ballistic 1600kv 550 + 14mm rotor + 6s 3250mah + rx8 setup

I take your advices but why on earth would it be slower?

Since I have more weight on the chassis my big bore suspentions are functioning much better since the bigger weight is the counter weight of the bump force
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