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Originally Posted by pirape View Post
lmao! I am waitting for my 1600kv wound stator to arrive! so I can run this guy on 6s
I went down this route already, I tryed every possible combo, 6s 1500kv/550, 3s and 2s 4.5 & 6.5 /550's, ect, the best thing to run in a 10tt for racing is 2s 540 size motors.... I did the math ran the trucks for countless pack, your better off with less weight...
2s lipo weighs like 1 lb and 4ozs less than a 6s, then the smaller esc and 540 motor saves around 13 oz's {around 3 oz esc and 10 oz motor}, so you will save over 2 lbs!!!
Now you go from a little over 4lbs to pushing almost 7lbs!!! This is HUGE, Contrary to popular belief weight hurts handling when you add 40% of it, and you need A LOT more power to move the truck!!! I timed all of the setups I installed and the 6s 550 was by far the slowest, and I have big bore shocks {that will handle the 6lbs}, and a lightened truck...
If your truck is for bashing your going to break a lot more parts too, when I had that setup I BROKE a front shock tower {carbon fiber} just testing, landed a jump and shattered it.... Plus the tt at 7lbs jumps a like a monster truck {no height, bottomed out launches, diving to a HARD landing, and some pretty horrific cartwheels}...

Anyway just my 2 cents, nice truck I like the quick release setup, I was thinking about it {I use them on all of my stadium truck rears}, but I hardley ever have to remove the tt wheels in a hurry, the stadium trucks need to be popped off every time you touch the motor, slipper, pinion, ect, the tt has that all in the center, so I decided not to add the weight...

Now as far as heat the 2s 540 is not the best choice, but my 540/6.5 ballistic never goes over 130 and my rs pro doesnt break a sweat so its not an issue. For bashing I would say 2s 4.5/550 is about the best, the heat is less, and there is a lot of torque for some crazy wheelies and powerfull takeoffs...
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