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Originally Posted by Manson View Post
yesterday i was trying a speedpassion 6.5 with the rs pro

45 boost ( 5 k @ 31 k )
15 turbo ramp 1 delay 0.2
No current limit and TP 3 ( first try i was on the tp1 and 70 % current limit

Ratio 7.6

motor timing 0

result :

A serious lake of power, without the turbo i was sleeping behing my radio...
The top speed wasn't too bad, but nearly the same as a friend who drive a 10.5 PRT ( french stuff ) wirh the rs pro too

How a 6.5 can be so powerless ?

i always run with a x12 10.5, and it have more power on corners exit and a good topspeed

Boost 40 ( 5k @ 20.8 k )
Boost 10-15 ramp 1 delay 0.2( depend with the temperature )
no current limit TP 2
timing motor -10 4 dot
Ratio 6.6

Try those setting.

You have too much timing comming in to soon. Your settings are for roughly 10.5t or higher turn motors.

Speedpassion gt2.0? Expensive sticker if you ask me. Buy from the factory who makes them is much more cost effective.
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