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Originally Posted by philly101 View Post
Hey guys so I'm new to this forum. I guess ill give you a low down on my car and whats goin on with it.

So my car has been sitting in the garage for quite a while and one day just decieded to start it back up. I ran about a quart of nitro threw it and I replaced the exhaust (cuz it was crack) and the shocks and wheels.

My car came with a standard one speed tranny. I ordered a new two speed tranny from ebay (since it was cheaper) and installed it myself. Before I installed it, the car was running really well.

So basically this is where I stand now...

Since I had to take out the engine and the carb I guess my settings on the car got messed up. I put everything back at factory settings. Now my car starts but when I hit the brakes it stalls out. (I was told that this was just an idling problem? But when I change the idle needle it still does it). When I accelarate the car to about 1/4 speed it runs fine. But once I go like past 1/2 - 3/4 speed the car just bogs out and dies.

I've called Team Associated many times but they havent really helped me except tell me what the factory settings are. I have a few questions and hopefully someone can help me to figure out this problem

1. All my spurs spin together is that normal with the two speed?

2. It says that I need to put stealth lube between the balls that go into the clutch shoes. I didnt have any so I left it as is. Do you think that it could affect my tranny at all?

3. Since my car dies after a certain RPM, is there anyway that its affected by the tranny? Maybe since the tranny isnt shifting its causing the car to stall out?

Im running out of ideas for what could be wrong with it but im leaning towards the fact that it might be the tranny. I just dont have enough experience with it to know how to fix it. I ordered the stealth lube off ebay so it should arrive sometimes next week.

If anyone has any solutions to this problem it would be great...THANKS!!

Edit: I've read on this forum about other people having a problem with the NTC3 tranny but not like mine =/
If the engine dies when you apply the brakes, take the air filter off and check to make sure the carby isn't being closed when you apply the brakes. If this is the case you will need to adjust the linkages to prevent this from happening!

If the engine bogs down and stall as you start to accelerate it might be too rich on the LSN. You might need to retune the engine, also check the glow plug and see if it alright after it has been sitting for so long.

Hope this helps!

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