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Hey Steve, I got a part I need you to make for the XXX-S

There is a bunch of slop in the battery hold-down thing, especially when running smaller cells like the 3000SMH. A local racer went to a machine shop and made two small aluminum posts to go where the current ones on the car do, except they are threaded to take 4-40 screws. Then he used an aluminum battery bar (I think the red MF one) and just screws it down. Basically, you just screw it as tight as you need it, and there's no way that sucker's coming off AND the batteries will not slide around.

Personally, I like that method better than using the body pins anyway.

But seriously though, if you put out a battery lock-down set like that, I would be all over it, along with some other guys I know who are all running the Losi. A silver-finish battery strap like the rest of the Project XXX-S parts would be awesome also!

I can get pics of that guys car if you're interested...
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