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Originally Posted by FoxintheDen View Post
With motor's and esc's being so advanced it's not uncommon for them to get kind of warm. If you play with the timing on your motors at all you will notice them getting warmer. Or even after a good run at the track or during practice.

That's just my 2 sense Can't wait to see pics of what you come up with and best of luck on the build! It's a great one!Fox
Hey Fox,

Fair enough, as i can understand one wanting to take protective measures against thermal issues. Imo those motor heat sinks wouldn't much use thou without using thermal paste.

I have two CR kits and my first build is going to be standard apart from using the sway bar set, BO13 and BO15 bearings, and the disk rotor - calliper set. The shell is the HPI Mini Cooper, motor is racing 27t stock ( have 4 ), servo is the high torque metal geared HPI SFI-50, esc is a LRP Quantum competition 3, and batts will be matched cells with greater than 3300 nimh capacity. Batt charger is an old but in perfect condition Tekin BC112A. Tyres at the moment are drift and the toe angle at the rear hub carrier is set at zero degrees. Planning to change that later to hard compound HPI slicks and 3 degree rear toe angle once i set all the electronics up to my personal specs. Fwiw, the second build will be pimped out to the max with all the option parts and will be using brushless and lipo tech. Second build will be using the 911 body

Oh yeah, both setups with be on 2.4 Ghz systems. Might even setup a RC tank smoke unit on the Mini Cooper drifter

Cheers mate,
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