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Originally Posted by NitroXray80809 View Post
NEVER SAID IT WAS BS. Also i said not to kill buisness. U never said you will update peoples xbox almost every 3 months when a update comes out. How do u update the consol if its not in ur hands to? I know what im doing i can do regular drive and light on myself, also led mods and controller mods. So im sure i know what im doing i also know it requires a dvd disc to play the game as a standard doesnt work. NEVER called u a lier either as i know its not real eay to crack another persons $300 consol open and mod it. I just said i dont find it completly true how its impossible to be banned as i have been twice and updated my consol as the mods came out. Also i have a free opinion as im not on ur site and was speaking my side, plus i think in rules you cant post up another site to get people to buy from etc just like no ebay threads. IDK if im 100% correct just installing my .2 cents and my experience.

Dude your just ruining business Thanks again. Moderators just delete this thread. Its dead and people like this Ruin Small Business's Thanks again and Good luck out there... PEOPLE MY SITE AND EMAIL IS LISTED IF YOU NEED ANYTHING YOU KNOW WHERE TO FIND ME.... Good luck with your stuff Nitro...

And another thing......... Wonder why your xbox got banned... YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOUR DOING!!!
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