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Originally Posted by edgar5bss View Post
I did contact the seller and no reply

I would gladly post pics of it without the body but that's not the point

I don't think you're getting it. I paid for a blitz with a decent body and got that instead

I guess you won't get it untill it happens to you

I get it, you paid for a blitz with a near perfect body and the seller sent you crap, so instead of letting people bash on them, your taking it to people on the internet, I guess you don't see that I am sided with you on this matter, as it does suck that the seller did this, but if you have not received an answer from them, is this the correct way to go about getting an answer, heck it might of been an oversight on their part, who knows, but I do know this, IF IT HAPPENED TO ME, I WOULD CONTACT THE SELLER, by sending repeated emails, pm messages, or phone calls, then at last resort, POSTING here for the world to see with his I.D. and then you would get justice
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