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TRF-Powered, Razzo and who ever else wants to know. This past weekend at our annual Charity Race sponsored by Hobby Works ( I placed 4th in Pro-Stock "A" main and 1st Tamiya stock "A" main.

Pro-Stock 414M:
1.5 degree negative camber all around
80wt front, 2 hole pistons, white springs
60wt rear, 3 hole pistons, yellow springs
yellow sway bars front and back
switched between Sorex 32R's and Yokomo 138G's (about the same) The Sorex like the sun and the Yokomo's were the same all around; sun or clouds.
All shock mounts, camber links and what ever else were in their stock locations.
Protoform DTM 2000 Mercedes CLK body. The one below.

The car had a slight push and sometimes the rear would *try* to come around. The surface had medium traction. Everyone had the same problems not matter the car. The tire to have was the Sorex 28R's. If you had these tires you were pretty much stuck. Needless to say I didn't have any. Dang things were sold out when I wanted them. There was mixture of sun and clouds and believe me you had to gauge when the sun was going to show or not. No sun made the track was totally different as the track temp dropped by at least 10 to 15 degrees F. It's about to hit fall here in Maryland.

Tamiya Stock 1st Place:
same set up as above except for these items:
blue springs up front, blue sway bar in the rear, and Yokomo 206F with firm inserts. Surprisingly this car was stuck. No push, no oversteer just traction. These were year and a half old tires too.

Questions email: [email protected]

Oh yea Pro-stock mains went as far as an "E" main and I think stock went to just a "B" main.

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