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Originally Posted by Mr P!nk View Post
I have a question for you MikeR, I've seen you post this picture before, but what I don't get is that it doesn't actually have that "optional" HPI foam tire axle on it, but yet your running foams.
I own both the stock axle with optional ball diff, and the complete foam tire axle assembly, but I refuse to run the foam tire axle because it's aluminum and they don't sell just the axle as a replacement.
I ditched the HPI axle all together and replaced it with a F104 axle so I can run foams, but I'm curious if you can explain how you make it work in that picture. It confuses me everytime I see it, lol.
I understand that, lol! It is confusing because the pic shows a hybrid of the 2 axles joined into 1. I found this system makes for the smoothest diff because this diff tensioner does not involve the wheel like the true 103 diff. It is using the HPI 103 left hub (foam axle kit), a 1/12th carbon axle, F10 ball diff (1/12 d-ring diff actually) and a custom prototype right side 14mm hex which is the finishing critical piece. The system makes for a smoooth diff that is bomb proof with the carbon axle . This system may be implemented into a long term F1 project I'm working on

A picture with your post, when trouble shooting, will probably get more rctech help than without...
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