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Originally Posted by JR007 View Post
Running the original Gen-X, but with long side links. It's all free and not binding, i've paid a lot of attention to that before the last meet.
I think I will try washers under the rear ballstuds. How thick are the washers to use?
w.r.t. ackerman, When I look straight down, I don't have a lot at all. Because the arms also sweep up, it's a bit deceiving if you don't look straight down! Perhaps a bit more ackerman may help with my aggressive steering.
For tires, i've run quite a few combo's. Yesterday we were all running Exceed pink rear and purple fronts for most of the day. I've also got silver rears, green rears, Frewer purple fronts, and Frewer red fronts.
It is getting better I think, just not there yet.
how much droop are you running now? what spring are you running on your rear shock? what angle is the shock laying? what front springs are you running?

this is depending on alot of factors but running the 3 white caster shims all back will give your car more mid corner and exit steering


start at page 17... its always a great reference to use when tuning
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