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Originally Posted by snoopyrc View Post
Am I supposed to get that you can buy an HPI F10 and then get adapters to run Tamiya F103/ 104 wheels and tires on it? Is that what you are saying?

The HPI F1 car has not been a contender for me because I thought the wheels were all hex all the way around. I have been gawking at the 3R F109 for my way into this class.
HPI don't make adapters as such, they make a complete rear axle and ball diff set, and new front steering arms and axles to fit F103/F104 foams all round. Be aware though they cost almost as much as the F10 kit does.

The HPI F10 foam tyre conversion uses a 1/4" axle so it could also fit into the Corally F1 as well, although ground clearance would be a problem with F103 tyres, F104 tyres should be okay.

Corally have gone for (for them) the cheap option, they have used their pan car and 1/12th scale parts bins and made a new chassis plate to create an F1. It's the same as Associated taking their RC10R5, making a narrower chassis plate with extra holes to screw the wings to it, and calling it an F1. F1s were killed off in the 90s thanks to everyone needing an expensive Corally to be competitive due to it being the only F1 that could run wider, lower profile pan car tyres.
Current UK F1 rules specify the wheels must be attached by a single wheel nut specifically to keep pan car tyres and the Corally out, otherwise we would all have to buy the Corally to be competitive. Most countries don't have the same restriction. is offline   Reply With Quote