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Just read the pages you linked:

New TKI 2 WC Features:
Machined Sus. Holder Strengthened front lower suspension holder is wider and thicker giving you the ability to handle big jumps and hard surfaces.
Heavy Duty Strengthened front shock tower features a thicker construction giving you the ability to handle what ever your local track can dish out.
Redesigned Arms Redesigned and reinforced for extra strength around the stabilizer mounting holes on the front lower suspension arms.
Increase Strength Reinforcing ribs on the ball end sections of the rear upper suspension arms dramatically increase strength and rigidity to handle hard contact.
Move Up The receiver battery is now positioned further forward to improve jumping control and cornering.
Rear Shock Stay The rear shock tower is reinforced in the same way as the front and now featuring 10 upper arm mounting holes for a more precision set up.
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